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BIDIUM: The Best Service Around!

Total 211,493,895.07 BIDM sold.
3.6 Million USD raised
Bidium will list on Bidium's Beta Exchange
Bidium's Beta Exchange launch will be announced soon.

Raised in PreICO

Bidium's Exchange Alpha, Beta and Main Version Details

~ Secured Wallet

~ Trade and Exchange

~ Crypto to Crypto Trading

~ Bitcoin and Ethereum Market

~ Language - English

~ Include Alpha Version Features

~ Advance UI and Design of Exchange

~ Crypto-Fiat-Crypto P2P Trading

~ Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bidium Market

~ Bidium fixed reward system

~ Language - English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese , Arabic, Spanish

~ Include Alpha and Beta Version Features

~ More Secured Wallet with Hardware wallet Integration

~ Addition of Decentralized Exchange

~ Android and Iphone Mobile apps with secured wallet and trading features

~ Language - English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese , Arabic, Spanish

What is BIDIUM ?

A Crypto Exchange dedicated to Auction and Hiring by empowering Bidders and Employers

BIDIUM is a crypto-fiat-crypto P2P exchange which combines the power of Advance Auction with Freelance Hiring on top of Blockchain Technology. It acts as a bidding marketplace for buyers to purchase by bidding and a freelance platform to employers, who are looking to hire freelancers.

The platform offers an adequate exchange solution along with an effective freelance platform backed up with an interactive interface to make it a delightful experience for the users.

The revenue will be distributed among all BIDM token holders i.e. usually stored on the BIDIUM wallet. The platform facilitates light and fast trading technique with 50% generated revenue from trading.

No transaction fee for the selling, purchasing, hiring and trading on BIDIUM platforms users.

Bidium project core development team is in INDIA, however our team is from United States, Russia, Dubai and Pakistan. But Bidium judiciary and operational country is ESTONIA.


Easily distinguishable and understood, highly secure with maximum benefits to the token holders!!

Token Name : Bidium
Ticker : BIDM
Country : ESTONIA
ICO SoftCap : 3 Million USD
ICO Hardcap : 10 Million USD
Unsold Token Will be Destroyed
ICO Start Date : 25th May 12pm IST
ICO End Date : 23rd June 12pm IST
Token Price (Crowdsale) : 0.02 USD
Currencies Accepted : BTC and ETH
Minimum Purchase Limit : 10 USD
Maximum Purchase Limit : 5000 USD


Discover the Bidium Difference!


BIDIUM is proposed as a completely decentralized exchange by utilizing already existing blockchain application. Decentralization allows the use of network on peer-to-peer basis.
Each individual user of Auction and Freelance platform will have their own copy of data.


Transactions will be done by the customer at their preferred time in the marketplace; Cryptocurrency can also be sold to our community market makers for cash.
The BIDIUM token can be transferred to two other parties as payment for goods and services after bids for

Cost Effectiveness

As compared to other payment services that require large procedures & huge transaction fee, the BIDIUM token is cost effective and minimizes time.
You will only be charged little or no amount thereby making you deploy a payment service of your own

Immediatate Payment

It enables the transfer of money with the aid of smart contracts that are regulated. There are certain procedures that will aid you to keep the address of the receiver in mind.
This makes the transfer of money a seamless exercise.

Peer to Peer Payment

BIDIUM uses integrated mobile wallet which is basically for the receiving and sending of payments.
This shows that you will be able to transfer funds for payment of goods and services in the bid marketplace in a secured and improved manner without requiring any document or possessing a bank account

Secure Wallet

BIDIUM uses integrated mobile wallet which is basically for the receiving and sending of payments. This shows that you will be able to transfer funds for payment of goods and services in the bid marketplace in a secured and improved manner without requiring any document or possessing a bank account

How It Works ?



Web, Mobile and Offline PaperWallet
  • #

    Max 24 hours turn around.

    Max 24 hours turn around.

    Genuine Buyers, No fake bidding

    Ads Revenue sharing 50% to seller and 30% to buyer

  • Zero transaction fee
  • #

    Lowest trading fee at 0.01% Only

    Lowest trading fee at 0.01% Only

    BIDM Holders will get distribution of 50% trading revenue. sharing

    Prizes and many excitements

    Web / mobile apps

  • Zero transaction fee
  • #

    Service Fee is 0% For employer and 0.1%...

    Service fee is 0% for employer and only 0.1% for freelancers.


    Reviews and ratings

    Freelancers public Profiles

    Web / Mobile apss.

  • Zero transaction fee


Below you can find a practical comparison between Bidium and some of the major exchange, auction and freelance hiring site. *

* All comparison analysis report as on 22nd March 2018.
Binance Upwork Ebay (Auction) Bidium
Blockchain yes cross cross yes
Trading fee using other crypto 0.10% - - 0.05%
Trading fee using own crypto 0.05% - - 0.01%
Trading fee reward distribution 0% - - 50%
Crypto-Fiat-Crypto Trading cross - - yes
Processing fee for employer - 2.75% - 0%
Processing fee for freelancer (min) - 5% - 0.10%
Genuine Bidder Guarantee - - cross yes
Buyer benefit (Ad revenue share 30%) - - cross yes
Seller benefit (Ad revenue share 50%) - - cross yes


How to contribute in Bidium?
  • Step-1 : Register and get Whitelist at Bidium
  • Step 1: Login and Deposit BTC or ETH into your Bidium Wallet
  • Step 3: Click on Buy Token to buy token
Is there any limit on the number purchase?
  • The contribution is limited to min 50USD and max 10000USD.
  • However you can purchase as many times as you want but total sum of purchase amount should not exceed more than 10000USD.
  • To purchase more than 10000USD , you need to request approval.
May I have multiple account with same ETH address?
  • No, One ETH address can be used only in one account.
Is there any country restriction to contribute in Pre-ICO or in ICO?
  • Yes, USA and China Citizen can't participate in Bidium Pre-ICO and ICO Phase.
  • But they can purchase token from exchange after launch.
How many free tokens I will get at the time of whitelist?
  • First 20000 users will get 300 tokens , next 30000 users will get 200 tokens and next 50000 users will get 100 tokens
Does ICO Price increase after each phase?
  • Yes, Token Price in Pre-ICO phase is only 0.01USD and in ICO phase is 0.02USD
  • However after every week of sale bonus will get decrease
    Pre-ICO 1st week - 25% bonus
    Pre-ICO 2nd week - 15% bonus
    Pre-ICO 3rd week - 10% bonus
    Pre-ICO 4th week - 5% bonus

    ICO 1st day - 100% bonus
    ICO 1st week - 20% bonus
    ICO 2nd week - 10% bonus
    ICO 3rd week - 5% bonus
    ICO 4th week - No bonus
After contibuting in Pre-ICO and ICO phase when can I trade the BIDM Token?
  • Bidium Token can be tradable right after ICO END on Bidium Exchange.
  • However whitelist free tokens will be released only user do first successful trade on Bidium Exchange.
Is there any KYC process?
  • Yes, After ICO sale KYC process will start before distributing BIDM tokens.
How to get ETH Address?
  • You can create account in MEW (MyEtherWallet) or in MetaMask to get ETH address.
  • For details Check here.

TOKENS Summary


  • Crowdsale 80
  • Bounty 5
  • Advisor 2
  • Founder (Locked for 1 year) 3
  • Reserve (Every year 2% will dilute) 10


  • Development 45
  • Marketing 30
  • Legal 5
  • Reserve                        15
  • Management 5

Road Map


Q4 2017, November

Research on Market Opportunities – Global Analysis


Q4 2017, December

Initial Research Completed and Concept Finalized


Q1 2018, January

Designing of User Interface for ‘Bidding Marketplace’ and ‘Freelance’ platform


Q1 2018, March

Whitepaper Public Announcement and Pre-sale Kick off


Q2 2018, April

MVP Launched


Q2 2018, May

Launching Alpha Version of Exchange


Q2 2018, May

ICO will start


Q3 2018

Launching Beta Version of Exchange and Begin Listing BIDM on Major Exchanges


Q3 2018

Exchange App Launching


Q3 2018

Launching of Freelance Platform


Q4 2018

Freelance App Launching


Q4 2018

E-Bid Marketplace Launch


Q4 2018

E-Bid Market App Launch

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